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Updated: Apr 28, 2022

On Sunday 23 July, the Australian Asian Business Women's Association’s (AABWA) Annual Meeting was held at Toorak’s Quaff Restaurant in Melbourne. The Association aims to create a platform for Australian Asian businesswomen to be connected and inspired by each other, to promote the better integration of Asian businesswomen in achieving career and personal success.

Ms Jane Wei, the Honourable Secretary of the Association delivered a welcome speech. On behalf of the association, she welcomed everyone and thanked the Advisory Committee who have been promoting the development of the association. She hoped that the Association could become a platform for more businesswomen to show and share their successes and inspire others to build a sense of belonging to the association.

The Annual report of the Association was presented by the President, Ms June Anderson.

Looking back over the past year, AABWA has hosted various events in partnership with other groups including the Asian Jewish Association, the Indian Business Women's Association, and the European Women in Business. Each member had the opportunity to experience a multicultural environment, to meet more businesswomen from different backgrounds, to communicate and learn together. At the same time, June looked forward to the next year's activities for the Association.

The Treasurer, Ms Shirley Thong, presented the Annual financial report to the members high -lighting how the association is funded and how it is expended.

Known as the "Perfect Bow Master" and twice invited to perform at Buckingham Palace, the famous Australian cellist He Yelian brings you a beautiful cello concerto. Bring the happy atmosphere of the annual meeting to a climax.

When the performance ended, Ms Kim Wen, shared with us her experiences and feelings of “Walking the Gold Rush Road" following the route taken by the Chinese to the 1850s Gold rush in Victoria by walking more than 550 kilometres in 20 days. She mentioned the people she met along the way and what happened, which deeply touched every participant.

Then, Ms Guosheng shared with us the original intention of joining the association and introduced the stories of some of those members.

Finally, the elected committee members of the Association came to the stage, and everyone was willing to make more contributions to the association and expressed their thoughts on this

After all the reports and speeches, everyone gathered to take photos.

Everyone chatted to each other and enjoyed the exquisite afternoon tea to celebrate a successful year for the Association.

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