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AABWA Personal Growth 2023 Series 2: Family Law and Asset Protection

The Australian Asian Business Women’s Association (AABWA) continued its dedication to empowerment and education with its "Personal Growth 2023 Series 2" themed around Family Law and Asset Protection. The session held on Sunday 3rd September took place at Pearsons Family Law’s offices and workshopped the pivotal topic of "family property."

Key Themes Discussed

  • The unseen risks associated with family property and the importance of being informed.

  • Appropriate procedures for transferring family assets.

  • Understanding and drafting a sound prenuptial agreement.

  • Differences in property distribution rights between married and cohabiting partners.

  • The significance and process of making a will.

At the helm of this enlightening session were three remarkable women: Leanne Abela (Principal Director), Deborah Sim (Senior Associate Solicitor), and Brenda Ling (Associate Solicitor). Through Leanne’s impressive tenure of 35 years in family law, Deborah's dual cultural understanding of family law, and Brenda’s multi-disciplined knowledge, the three professional women took us through the topics of:

  1. Wills and Powers of Attorney,

  2. Child Support,

  3. De Facto Relationships, and

  4. Loans and Gifts in the Context of Asset Protection.

Promoting a relaxed and enjoyable ambience, the event encouraged open discussions and exchanges of ideas among the attendees and speakers. The approachable environment was purposefully curated to foster a sense of comfort and encouragement, allowing attendees to ask questions and share their experiences without hesitation.

AABWA's Personal Growth 2023 Series 2 successfully highlighted the often overlooked aspects of family law and asset protection. The event underscored the importance of having a clear understanding of one's rights and responsibilities when it comes to family property. With the guidance of esteemed professionals, participants were equipped with valuable insights and knowledge to make informed decisions.

We would like to express our gratitude for Pearson’s hospitality and thank them for their expertise and for hosting such an insightful and interactive session for AABWA.

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