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2018 Bringing Out the best in You - Series two

Updated: Apr 28, 2022

"Bringing Out the Best in You" series 2 was successfully held at Melbourne's famous Kooyong Tennis Club on the 26th May 2018. There were many business women and representatives from various countries and professional fields in attendance.

The theme of the event was "How professional women can achieve happiness in their career and family". While enjoying a delicious afternoon tea, the guests shared and exchanged their thoughts and experiences on this topic. After the event, many guests expressed that they had had a wonderful and fulfilling afternoon.

The president of AABWA, June Anderson reinforced that professional women balancing their careers and family is an eternal topic. In today's society, women's roles in the workplace is becoming more and more important, but there are also some prejudices in society for many successful women — many women elites are indeed facing contradictions between work and family. June said that she hopes that through a series of sharing activities, everyone can be inspired and grow in the exchange and better balance the relationships between career and family.

AABWA had invited Ms. Jane Wei, the creative director and founder of Privilege Group, a global fashion company, who is also the vice-president of the AABWA, and Ms. Shilpa Verma, a medical doctor from Boxhill Hospital, to share with you their experiences in how they balanced their career and family life.

Jane Wei said that a positive attitude is the key to succeed in both business and life.

As a creative fashion designer, Jane has her own opinions on the relationship between women's external image, business and family. She believes that women's beauty is from the inside out and needs to be cultivated both internally and externally, striving to be the best version of yourself at all times is a kind of "soft weapon" leading you to succeed. A proprietory fashion forward appearance in a professional field that will give you confidence and build the trust among the businesses - it certainly is not the only thing that leads through to your success but it can be the catalyst for your success.

Despite her busy career, she has never let her family down, making sure there is always time for family togetherness. She has always maintained the habit of getting up early in the morning to exercise to ensure the starting of each day is on the bright side. She has a very harmonious and happy family life, everyone supports each other, which is inseparable from her positive attitude, self-disciplined and enthusiasm for life.

She always felt that professional women can achieve a balance between career and family if they know how to look after themselves and invest in themselves, maintain a good attitude will lead everything to become possible. Jane also said that being a woman is a lucky thing, women's inherent "gentle and dedicate” approach can help them pursue careers and take care of their families, while letting everything around them become better. As a member of the AABWA team, Jane also hopes to create more opportunities in the future, bringing positive energy and influence to more women.

Shilpa Verma said her life value is to stay passionate, set a goal then take action.

Dr. Shilpa Verma is also a successful woman with a successful career and family. Born in India, Shilpa had a difficult childhood. At the age of eight, she developed diabetes type A which was so severe that she needed three insulin injections a day and five blood tests. Fortunately, Shilpa has optimistic and positive parents who love her very much. With the encouragement and influence of her parents, Shilpa gradually understood that people will encounter many challenges in this life, but we cannot admit defeat, but must work to overcome them.

This experience has also made her more tenacious and optimistic and it strengthened her dream to become a diabetes expert and benefit more diabetic patients.

She said those difficulties that did not defeat her but made her stronger. No matter what, she had to persevere in pursuing her dreams. Shilpa finally relied on her own efforts, she was admitted to medical school and successfully graduated, and became a doctor of diabetes treatment as she wished.

In addition to her busy work, Shilpa also set up a diabetes relief fund to help more people who have the same experience as her. Today, Shilpa has not only become a well-known diabetes treatment expert, but also met her current husband at work, formed a happy family, and has a lovely and sensible son.

Shilpa also gave her own advice, "I think women should be the best self, that is 2P1A, the two Ps are passion (passion) and purpose (target), and one A is action (action). That is to say, women have to find their own goals, maintain their enthusiasm, and then take actions to constantly push themselves to realize their dreams." The guests were deeply touched.

"I'm inspired by Shilpa's story, as for her a woman, career and family well-being are integral, but it takes effort, as Shilpa said, to take action, and It’s not just talking.” Preeti Daga, the president of the Indian Chamber of Commerce, participated in AABWA’s activities for the first time. She spoke highly of this activity, saying that she would strengthen the connection with AABWA in the future and create more opportunities for the two organisations to meet and work together.

This event was well prepared. The leader of the African United Society, Selbe Luke, and the models she brought were also invited to the event to share their fashions. All the models had exquisite African beauty. The stylish costumes made the guests feast their eyes on the scene. Ms. Selbe said that in the future, she will find more opportunities for business cooperation with AABWA to benefit the members of the two associations. In addition, the event also carefully designed t for the lucky draw- where exquisite gifts with a total value of more than $2,000 Australian dollars, so that the guests could have additional surprises in addition to the inspiring words from the event.

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