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Energy Channels (TCM) Salon

On Sunday 19th June 2022, the Australian Asian Business Women's Association (”AABWA”) welcomed Dr. Emily Wu to come and speak to us. Dr. Wu has helped many people to relieve their ailments and rejuvenate their energy through Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).

It was great to see that so many members joined us for the afternoon and learnt an abundance of information regarding the human body through the perspective of the 12 primary energy channels of TCM (such as the ear reflex zones & foot reflex zones).

According to TCM theory, our energy channels circulate within our bodies within a 24-hour period. This body clock guides us in regards to the best times to nourish our bodies, sleep, and exercise. This can be used as a general tool to plan our days and nights for optimal wellness and better health.

As always, members were encouraged to ask questions during Question Time. Through Dr. Emily Wu’s patience, experience, and knowledge, she answered all questions diligently and all our members felt that they had gained a lot of insight.

Our Networking session at the end of the event gave everyone the chance to meet and greet our new AABWA members; whom are all very excited to be a part of AABWA.

Overall, the members took away new learnings on how to lead a healthier life by understanding our own bodies and knowing when to seek medical help (through both traditional Chinese and Western medicine), and a warm welcome to our new members!

Once again, we would like to thank Dr. Emily Wu for sharing her knowledge with us. Thank you to Joanna from Eight Quarter Real Estate for providing us with a wonderful venue and refreshments for the event, and to Sue Lee from La Peau Medispa for the thoughtful gifts to every participant! And of course, a huge thank you to our Hon Secretary, TingTing Jia, for welcoming and conducting the event with Dr. Emily Wu. Congratulations to our Committee for organising another successful event!

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