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2018 International Women's Day

Updated: Apr 28, 2022

The International Women's Day Dinner was hosted by the Australian-Asian Business Professional Women's Association grandly held at the Victorian Parliament House. More than 80 Australian Asian Business elites 9Who do you mean here? And members from the Association gathered together to celebrate the 2018 International Women's Day.

Ms June Anderson, President of the Australian Asian Business Women's Association, gave a welcome speech. She introduced the main guests and extended a warm welcome. She highlighted that this was a multicultural event, and hoped that everyone could learn from each other and support each other to grow.

Mr Bruce Atkinson, the President of the Upper House of Parliament. as the only male guest, expressed that he was very honoured to participate in this event, and he extended his congratulations to everyone. He hoped that women's groups would not only contribute to business and economics but also be more involved and value the development of cultural and community activities. He talked about the government's emphasis on domestic violence and hoped that the women's team will get better and stronger in the future.

Ms. Kim Wen, the founder of BBE Corporate Training Academy translated the speech presented by the Hon. Bruce Atkinson.

Hayley Southwick, president of Australia's largest Israeli foundation, appreciated the opportunity to accept the invitation to the event. She said that the friendship between China and Israel was becoming more and more important, and hoped that both associations could interact more in the near future.

the Deputy Minister of Multiculturalism, Lin Meifeng, congratulated the Australian Asian Business Women's Association for this event, congratulated Asian business women’s achievements and hoped that much more success would come.

Dr Pamela Williams, OAM who has made significant contributions to the best care for breast cancer patients, delivered a speech that Jane Wei, the Vice-President of the association, translated for her. Dr Pamela Williams talked about her own experience, the need for women to fight for their social status and the importance of health. She said that women should begin with their own strengths then make greater contributions to society within their own abilities.

Ms. Yang Qianhui, Chief Advisor of the Multicultural Department of the Federal Opposition Leader, delivered a warm speech. She expressed that she was very happy to participate in this event, thanked everyone for their efforts and support to the community, and wished everyone a happy holiday!

Four other guests discussed the issues of concern to women. The four speakers were Rohini kappadath, general manager of the Victorian Immigration Museum; Marion Lau, Deputy Chair of the Victorian National Assembly Council and head of the Aged Care Policy Committee; Selba Luka, director of Afri-Aus Care, and Ms Yang Qianhui, Chief Adviser to the multicultural department of the federal opposition leader.

The International Women's Day Dinner was held in a relaxed and happy atmosphere. Business Leaders learned from each other through this event and had clearer goals and directions for the future. Everyone said that they hoped to make more contributions to society to create a better future together.

The Australian Asian Business and Professional Women's Association (AABWA) is a non-profit association. It was established in November 2011 and it's headquartered in Melbourne. The purpose of the association is to provide a multi-ethnic and multicultural platform for Asian businesswomen in Australia to be inspired and connected, to promote cultural exchanges between Asian and Australian, and to promote professional Asian businesswomen to achieve career and life successes at the same time Integrating and gaining local social recognition. The association also takes as its mission to demonstrate the professional competence and knowledge education of Asian businesswomen. The Australia-Asia Business Professional Women's Association wishes all women a happy holiday!

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