Bringing Out The Best In You

Due to the COVID lockdown, the 3 times 6 months postponed Annual event of Australian Asian Business & Professional Women’s Association (AABWA)-Bringing Out the Best in You series4 finally took place at the well-known Kooyong Tennis Club on 1st December.

It was a joint event between AABWA and the International Women Federation of Commerce and Industry (IWFCI). It was

a true multi cultural celebration among 180 different backgrounds of business and professional women.

AABWA President, Jane Wei, and IWFCI’s founder and international chairman Diana Abruzzi welcomed everyone.

Jane Wei shared an overview of the AABWA’s Purpose and Vision.

She said: “At AABWA, we put our members’ interests upfront. AABWA is a place where Australian Asian Business and Professional Women are connected, inspired and empowered to realise their talents and their full potential that is aligned with their passions and life purposes. The vision is Leadership, Success and Contribution to Society.”

Diana Abruzzi said: IWFCI was established in 1992, with branches all over the world, where members are now trading with each other across borders, fulfilling their own personal aspirations and dreams.

They both welcomed the opportunity of coming together, forging a new friendship and solidarity between our two organisations.