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AABWA & MHFA - Bringing Out The Best In You (Series 5)

On Thursday 22nd September 2022, the Australian Asian Business Women’s Association (‘AABWA’) and Mental Health Foundation Australia (‘MHFA’) welcomed their members, friends, community and distinguished guests to the annual Bringing Out the Best in You event Series 5.

We acknowledge that it was a Day of Mourning for the late Sovereign, Queen Elizabeth II, and it prompts us to reflect on the trials and tribulations that we must face and endure in our daily lives.

Our Master of Ceremonies, the talented Christina Chia, set the scene for our inspirational speakers to share their life journeys and the key lessons they learnt along the way.

To begin, the President of AABWA, Jane Wei, asked us to take a moment to reflect on someone who has helped us become who we are today and has made a significant impact on our lives - and to send them our gratitude. Jim Goodin, Vice Chairperson of MHFA, spoke on the similar values that AABWA and MHFA share - centering around the values of empowerment, life passion and ‘bringing out the best in you.’ Jim finished by quoting Helen Keller, a blind, deaf and mute American author, ‘Keep your face to the sunshine and you cannot see a shadow.’

Our first distinguished guest and speaker of the night was Vivienne Nguyen AM, Chairman of the Victoria Multicultural Committee. She shared her journey on moving to Australia as a young girl where she faced racism, sexism, and adjusting to the new culture. By being from a diverse background, Vivienne discovered that we all have something in us to overcome all these issues. Through collaborations and leveraging positions of influence, we can make changes that bring out the best in everyone. Vivienne said that by supporting one another with encouragement and, compliments, we can lift each other up.

Next, we welcomed Cr Tina Liu, Mayor of Whitehorse City Council. Tina shared how embodying the values of working hard, having a positive mindset and giving back through services to the community served her well. Tina reminded us we should seek balance in our lives, and spend time with those who inspire us or make us happy. And that it is also okay to not be okay, that there is support amongst friends and the community to assist you. Tina finished with, ‘Your success is defined by you. Live. Laugh. Love.’

We thank Kooyong Lawn Tennis Club for their beautiful venue, food, and service for the night. As dessert was being served, we were delighted with a performance by Bollywood Dance Studio. The dancing was colourful, vibrant and incredibly fun!

Following the performance, the Director of Bollywood Dance Studios Australia, Latha Srinivasan, shared how she believes ‘success is a journey.’ Latha kept reinventing herself with careers and believed that the ‘best years’ are yet to come. Latha shared how being calm, surrounding yourself with good people, being non-judgemental of others and living in the moment has brought out the best in her. Latha’s parting words were ‘Life will only change when you change out of your comfort zone.’ That is something we can all relate to.

Lastly, we welcomed Bernadette Khoury, founding Director of the Australia New Zealand Lebanon Chamber of Commerce and Industry - Young Entrepreneurs, current Liberal candidate for Ivanhoe. Bernadette shared that her mother was her strongest role model with her determination, hard work, self-belief and faith in raising her and her siblings after the loss of Bernadette’s father from cancer. Bernadette shared how life can test us to the limits but it is there that we will discover ourselves. We truly appreciate the raw personal experiences that Bernadette shared with us. Bernadette finished by telling us, ‘You are enough. You are destined for greatness.’

Here concluded all speeches for the night. AABWA president Jane Wei and MHFA CEO Vasan Srinivasan presented the plaques to the four guest speakers for their inspiring sharing.

Special thanks to our Goody Bags Sponsors - Superforex, Nativebliss, PSA Business Solutions & AABWA member Rose Chen.

Jojo Diao, Business Development Manager, Superforex / Webtrade

Yvonne Liu, co-founder of NativeBliss Australia

Throughout the night, a lucky draw raffle was being held with amazing prizes to be won. We would like to thank our sponsors for their generosity and participation in this year's event:

● Paspaley

● Lapeau Medispa

● Pettavel Australia

● Elite Makeup Studio

● Rising Industry & Trade (MLEN Soft Magnetic Eyelashes)

● Zinzino

● Aus.Handmade

● G&L Real Estate & PAnorama Investment Group

Emily Harrington, Senior Boutique Manager, from Melbourne Paspaley

Sue Lee, Clinic Manager, from Lepeau Medispa

Lily Wang, Director, from Pettavel Australia Pty Ltd

Maggie Pei, Founder, Elite Makeup Studio

Cindy Xue, Chairman of Rising Industry & Trade Pty Ltd, Co-Founder of MLEN Biotechnology, Global Partner of MERRIGE Tech Fashion Group

Cindy Wang, Brand Partner, from Zinzino

Rose Chen, Project Director from G & L Real Estate, Panorama Box Hill Specific Sales, Brand Partner of Zinzino. Rose is also an interesting columnist and we-media creator.

Jane Wei & Jim Goodwin thanked all the organising work staff to make such a successful event. We also took this opportunity to announce AABWA's next outdoor "Hiking Picking Planting Series 3" activity, sponsored by AGE Foreign Exchange for 500 plants.

Thank you to AABWA & MHFA for hosting such a lovely event, to all who came and had fun with us, and again to our sponsors. See you all next year!

To see more photos of our beautiful guests and guests, following the link below:

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