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AABWA International Women's Day Event: What is true self-confidence

Updated: Apr 29, 2022

Dear AABWA members and friends,

2022 International Women's Day is approaching. Due to the high number of new infections in Victoria, the plan for the Monsalvat Castle Gala Dinner Festival was cancelled and changed to a small live webcast format. With themed live speeches, to celebrate this special day.

In the two years that the epidemic has ravaged the world, so many relationships have been broken, so many lives have been lost, and so many businesses have disappeared. Between Nations and between races there has been unprecedented mutual suspicion, prevention and isolation. It is clear that the world now needs mutual sympathy, forgiveness and support. It has become vital to rebuild confidence. Let us start to re-establishment our self-confidence.

Event theme:

what is true self-confidence

Activity content:

1. Three speakers discuss building true confidence from three different perspectives: cultural, business, and personal

2. On-site guest discussion

3. Online communication and interaction on live broadcast platform

Speakers for the night are:

1. Hon. Professor: Chen Yang Guosheng

Speech topic: What is the cultural self-confidence of a nation?

2. Juan Wei

Speech Topic: The Building of Women's Entrepreneurship Confidence

3. Yanjun Qiao

Speech topic: Self-confidence, what do you believe in yourself

Please follow this link for the live podcast:

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