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2022 AABWA AGM Report

Updated: Sep 9, 2022

On 3rd September 2022, the Australian Asian Business Women's Association (“AABWA”) held its Annual General Meeting (“AGM”) at Green Acres Golf Club. Like all previous AGMs, English was used during the whole meeting.

Apart from the standard AGM procedures, the meeting took the opportunity to announce newly appointed Committee members, review the past year’s growth and activities, and present various Contribution Awards.

The AGM was hosted by Tingting Jia (AABWA’s Secretary). President Jane Wei delivered a welcome speech. She reiterated the association’s purpose of Leadership, Success, and Contribution. AABWA’s goal is to provide a platform for Australian Asian business and professional women to come together to celebrate, encourage, and learn from each other. The association is merely a platform to nurture these women through networking opportunities, activities and functions. AABWA aims to educate and provide new knowledge and learnings to help Australian Asian business women prosper.

With great pleasure, Jane recounted all the events and activities that were held in the past year, and thanked everyone for their participation, contributions, and support. AABWA hosted a series of activities including:

● Hiking, Walking Picking (Series 2);

● Mount Dandenong Hiking and Climbing;

● Indoor Archery;

● Art Salon;

● Culture Salon;

● Health (Chinese Medicine) Salon;

● Makeup, Beauty and Inner Beauty Salon;

● Election Information Session;

● International Women’s Day Event;

● Christmas Celebrations, and

● Bringing Out The Best In You (No. 4).

In the past year, the number of members of AABWA has more than doubled, and we are so pleased to welcome all of our new members, we appreciate their enthusiasm and support.

AABWA Treasurer Ms. Shirley Thong, made an Annual Financial Report to the members. AABWA’s financials and funding have run in a healthy and orderly manner, with an abundance net surplus.

Subsequently, we welcomed our new Vice President and new Committee members. We welcomed our longtime contributing Committee Member, Kim Wen, to be our new Vice President of AABWA.

We are so excited for Hongyan Li and Carrie Keller to join us as new Committee members. The rest of the committee we also reelected and will remain an integral part of the Committee.

The AABWA Committee is as follows:

● President: Jane Wei

● Vice President: Sandy Zhang, Kim Wen

● Secretary: Tingting Jia

● Treasurer: Shirley Thong

● Committee Members: Fiona Zhang, Jun Teng, Hongyan Li, Carrie Keller, Jade Liu, Joyce Zhu

Newly appointed Vice President, Kim Wen, delivered her inaugural speech, inspiring women to solve many current societal problems such as family violence, lack of financial stability and lack of opportunity.

Kim also encouraged greater collaboration with external alliances, such as the private, and public sectors and NGOs to solve major problems in our region, sharing our sense of humanity and sense of collective purpose with other women locally and globally.

We would also like to congratulate those who received the Committee Awards and Members Awards. We appreciate your endless support for the association.

● Committee Award recipients: Sandy Zhang, Joyce Zhu, Jun Teng

● Member Award recipients: Christine Wang, Emily Wu, Joanna Zhou, 太阳雨,Hongyan Li, Maggie Pei, 蔡秋兰

It was also an honour to have June Anderson, Guosheng Chen and Christina Chia with us. These ladies have made great achievements to be elected to the Victorian Multicultural Honour Roll 2022, and it was a pleasure for them to be in the audience with us on Saturday. We also had AABWA’s Advisors Susan Gin and June Anderson speak to us about their vision for the association and their ongoing encouragement for us.

Again, thank you to our sponsors and partners of AABWA. In particular:

Our partners:

● International Women’s Federation of Commerce and Industry;

● European Women in Business;

● Victorian Multicultural Commission;

● National Council of Women Australia;

● Chinese Community Council of Australia;

● Mental Health Foundation Australia.

Our sponsors are:

1. Paspaley

2. Nanjing Chamber of Commerce

3. 123 财富管理与基金

4. Pettavel Ausatralia Pty Ltd 佰德福酒庄

5. JG Accounting Pty Ltd

6. Elite Makeup Studio

7. Red Moon Art Glass Gallery

8. Kimcco International Ltd and Maxxum PTY LTD

9. C&U Australian Pty Ltd

10. Biggin&Scott Boroondara Real Estate

11. Yingda Pty Ltd (NJ)

12. Exceptional Beauty Salon

13. Leura Revitalizing Lab

14. ULUPNA Winery

15. Black Belt Entrepreneur Training Academy

16. Rising Industry & Trade P/L

17. MLEN Soft Magnetic eyelashes

18. 9号中经堂养生会所

19. Merrige Health Shaping Bodywear

20. Global Online AusAsia Risk Management

21. Global Atomy Prosumer of Online Shopping

22. Red Moon Art Glass Gallery

23. Aromababy-Australian made natural Skincare

24. Cool Clutch Bags

25. Cartier Chasdstone store

26. Hui Energetic TLS Studio

27. CBR Developement Group

28. The WoolShed Australia

29. 新锦江中餐馆

30. Doterra 团队

31. Aspar Store

32. Orohak Honey

33. Balancebylars

34. Julie and Friends Talk Show

35. Ausfocus international media

36. 3CW Chinese Radio Australia

37. Business Circle

38. Qie News

39. Shanahn Vision

40. Zudi Design

41. HousePro

42. 汇通换汇Surpcorp

43. Zelotopla Aus. Handmade

44. Eighth Quarter Real Estate

45. La peau Medispa

46. BBE Training Academy

What a great year it has been, well done ladies!

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