2019 Bringing Out the Best in You Series3 Becoming

Many women have participated in developments in societies over centuries, for example, Wu Zetian, the Empress of the Tang Dynasty, Queen Elizabeth the 2nd of England. They have left legacies for today’s successful Professional women who are encouraged to meet and share their stories about their successes.

Nowadays, there are such a group of successful professional women, they get together to share their own life stories and successes in businesses.


Australian Asian Business Professional Women's Association (AABWA) is a place where Australian Asian Business and Professional women are connected, inspired, encouraged to realise their talent and full potential.

On June 6 2019, The AABWA annual event "BRINGING OUT THE BEST IN YOU" series 3 “Becoming” was held at The Gables, a heritage building built in 1902 where 130 professional business women gathered in a collaboration between the Australian Asian Business Professional Women's Association and the European Women's Association.

Let's acknowledge some of the event sponsors who supported the event:

The showcase displays in the front are from three supporters, they are: