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2019 Bringing Out the Best in You Series3 Becoming

Many women have participated in developments in societies over centuries, for example, Wu Zetian, the Empress of the Tang Dynasty, Queen Elizabeth the 2nd of England. They have left legacies for today’s successful Professional women who are encouraged to meet and share their stories about their successes.

Nowadays, there are such a group of successful professional women, they get together to share their own life stories and successes in businesses.


Australian Asian Business Professional Women's Association (AABWA) is a place where Australian Asian Business and Professional women are connected, inspired, encouraged to realise their talent and full potential.

On June 6 2019, The AABWA annual event "BRINGING OUT THE BEST IN YOU" series 3 “Becoming” was held at The Gables, a heritage building built in 1902 where 130 professional business women gathered in a collaboration between the Australian Asian Business Professional Women's Association and the European Women's Association.

Let's acknowledge some of the event sponsors who supported the event:

The showcase displays in the front are from three supporters, they are:

Karen Wang weddings and flowers

Nestar chocolates

Kallure jewels

Thanks to the following supporters who helped make the event successful:

Aromababy lip; Delorenzo Hair care; Flawless Rejuvenation; Teymara; Quality Pharmacy; Australian Asian Women’s Business association, Simone Perele, Goat Soap and products,Rise Nation ,Kay & Burton luxury real estate,Mex Wealth financial planning,Savills,Australian Wine & Beverage company, Sam Baking High , Shirley Thong PSA BUSINESS SOLUTIONS, Savills, No.9 Health and Massage Therapy ,Treasure Chest, 2M Studio, Viceta Wang, Faye‘s beauty house, Pansy, Snaps Chips, Nanjing General Chamber of Commerce and loyal member Helen Hu’s support

Ausfocus was honoured to attend this event as the exclusive media providing live coverage of the event.

The event began with Dinner at 6pm.

Jane Juan Wei, Initiator and Planner of "Bringing Out the Best in You" event

and Janine Lum, the founder of the European Women in Business

gave a warm welcome to all participants and a brief introduction of their organisations.

“Bringing Out the Best In You" event serves the AABWA’s purpose and helps Australian Asian professional women gain recognition and appreciation for their contribution, so together we make our society a better place.

The theme of this event was "Becoming", inspired by Michelle Obama’s recently published autobiography. Jane Wei used the original quote from Michelle's book to begin this event:

"Your story is what you have, what You will always have. It is something to own”.

The 1st-panel speaker was Jamie Mi, who worked for Kay Burton luxury real estate company. Jamie is a native Beijing woman with a professional background as a journalist. She came to Melbourne by a chance and soon after, accepted a role working in the real estate company in Melbourne.

Facing an industry that she had never been exposed to before, she strives to learn relevant knowledge by herself every day, and constantly improves herself through interaction with customers, and finally achieves her successful self. When faced with the problem of how to deal with multicultural relations, Jamie mentioned a very important word "respect”- respecting yourself, respecting others, respecting each other and understanding each other, in order to make this society a better and better society.

After a short networking time and the meal, the second-panel speaker was Catherine Cervasio, got the founder of Aromababy (a beauty and mother and baby products company), she is a very successful representative of women in business.

Ms Cervasio talked about the two biggest challenges she encountered during her 20 years in business: one was how to balance the roles of a career woman and a mother. She said that facing her children, is not about accompanying them to participate in many activities, Instead, seize all the time that you can to accompany them attentively. Fortunately, her family has been supporting and encouraging her to fulfil her career goal. When she was almost on the verge of bankruptcy under the pressure of competitors, she was not limited in operating her business in Melbourne as she travelled to various countries to promote herself and her products. Now her products are sold Internationally.

When talking about how to attract customers, Ms Cervasio said that she considers herself to be a very, very patient person. She never thinks that communicating with customers is a business strategy goal, as long as you make yourself professional and sincere, people can feel and want to deal with you.

After finishing the main course, the third-panel speaker was Melissa Lewis who also couldn't wait to share her experience.

Ms Lewis has been very interested in becoming a professional woman since she was a child, so she studied accounting and entered the Westfield Company to become a sales manager. All these developments are very in line with her expectations and she feels that this is the life she likes.

But then she found that in this society, many smart and hard-working women could not compete with men and could not find a suitable job. After investigation, she found that these women lacked self-confidence, so Ms Lewis quit her job and opened Ascension Group, specializing in women who want to become professional elites, from the outside to the inside, helping them grow into confident, competitive women.

Ms Lewis believes that women must first understand their own value and ability, not to belittle themselves, not to despise themselves, and to be self-respecting and put self-love first, so that others will give you the same attention and respect.

The last guest to share, Karen Wang, also took the stage as a successful floral designer to share her story. She believes that as an entrepreneur, it is very important to trust your team, because every time she designs and displays flower decorations on site, it is impossible for her to do it alone. Trust your team, listen to everyone's opinions, brainstorm ideas, and the design will be more beautiful and popular.

The flower art industry, like most other industries, is changing very quickly. Every designer must continue to learn, improve, and go out to communicate with others in order to grasp the current trend and not be eliminated by the times.

Each guest received a gift bag valued at $400.

All sponsors had opportunities to introduce themselves, they also

Said that they were proud to be able to participate in such successful activities.

The sponsors also provided a lot of prizes for the lucky draw prizes.

We even had a piece of expensive jewellery worth $2,000 donated.

At the end of the evening Kim Wen, as event host said, in the days to come, the Australian Asian Business Women's Association will continue to provide more opportunities like this for everyone to share and be inspired, to make impacts in society.

The event ended at 10pm with laughter and happiness.

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