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Our Members

June Anderson

Advisor / Former president

June Chen

I migrated to Australia over 30 years ago and called Australia home.  Educated in Australia and majored in Asia Economic Analysis. Having worked in the Banking and Finance sector for over 22 years, I have noticed there are many professional and business enterprise  women  with cultural diversity and linguistic backgrounds, who have many challenging issues . In the last 12 years I have been focused on those migrant Asian women's issues. As the founder of the AABWA and past President, my main aim is to create a platform for multicultural background business and professional women, to learn and to share in their successes. I am an advocate for the rights for multicultural communities through community consultation, research, education, mentoring and training, and community / social networking. I will continue to strive to build bridges within our community to support a harmonious society and generate peaceful social cohesion.


  • AABWA founder and past President

  • Member of Victoria Multicultural Commission

  • Eastern Region Council Advisor

  • Committee member of National Council of Women in Victoria

  • Advisor of Chinese Community Council of Victoria

  • Board member of Afri Aus Care

  • Member of United Nation Women of Australia

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