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Jun Teng

Committee member

Jun Teng

Jun Teng, associated with IPA Australia, is a registered tax agent, who founded JG Accounting Pty Ltd. JG Accounting services Melbourne SMEs with financial planning, tax reporting, and tax planning for small business companies and family trusts. The company has served small and medium-sized enterprises for more than ten years and has been recognized and praised by its customers and the general public.

Jun is enthusiastic about public welfare, actively participating in the Tai Chi public welfare of the Tai Chi Dong Wu Alliance in Australia and does her best to spread Chinese Tai Chi - a world cultural heritage.

In college, she accepted Maslow's philosophy of realizing one's greatest worth. We have been making continuous efforts to achieve self-improvement and breakthroughs. From an associate professor at a university in China to becoming illiterate overnight after immigrating with zero basic English, and through hard work, she worked as a full-time accountant Clark while studying part-time. After six years of hard work, she completed her bachelor's degree in business study majoring in accounting at Messay University in New Zealand. Moreover, due to her accumulated experience and growth as an individual, Jun has come to accept other philosophies and doctrines such as the Confucian doctrine of the mean, the Buddhist doctrine of boundless tolerance, and the Taoist concept of governance by inaction.


Life is not allowed not to work hard, but allowed to be unsuccessful, thinking that there are many factors for success. The most important thing is to be the best in yourself in any situation

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