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Our Members

Joyce Zhu

Committee member

Joyce Zhu
  • Director of Norwood Industries Pty Ltd

  • Non-Executive Director of PPDS (VIC) Pty Ltd

Joyce immigrated to Australia with her husband in 2005, then commenced at Norwood with a Master’s Degree in Information Technology Education. In 2015 Joyce became a qualified CPA which culminated in her appointment as Company Accountant. In 2021, Joyce broke the Glass Ceiling and was appointed to the Board of Directors after achieving a high level of expertise throughout the business, being the first Asian female director of this company with more than 60 years of history.


During the past 16 years in Australia, Joyce has seen her roles vary a lot, but her moral fibre and her outstanding work ethic have not. She will continue this spirit, and do her best to expand her social responsibilities to a wider community by influencing more people around her.

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