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Jade Liu

Committee member


Jade, who has been living in Melbourne for 14 years, immigrated to Australia for her child's education and growth, but found her dream life in this antiquated land. Australia was the place where she fostered her children's education and her own growth at the same time. She grew to love outdoor sports, pay strong attention to health and consciously continue to exercise and training.


Since 2015, she has completed two 100-kilometer cross-country runs, several cross-country ultra-marathons and road marathons to name a few. She has also participated in a number of public welfare activities, used her passion for exercising to influence friends to participate in sports/health and established AABWA Fitness Club with the support of the Association. She is dedicated and motivated about fitness and health. Through her efforts last year, she obtained the Australian Certified Fitness Instructor Certificate of Level 3 and Level 4.

We look forward to you joining us!

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