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GuoSheng Yang Chen


Hon Prof.  Guosheng Yang

Guosheng Chen is a renowned leader of 46-year professional life with the past 38 years in Australia. She has dedicated her leadership and management expertise to broad education and has made an outstanding contribution to multiculturalism in Victoria through her work in higher education, community engagement, and various strategic advisory groups within government and community organisations, applying her leadership and expertise to the development and implementation of multilingual and multicultural policies, government leadership, business and community development at local and international levels..

Guosheng Chen established the Australia-China Studies Forum at RMIT University in 1998, a platform which enables the university to engage with Chinese communities at home and abroad.

 She currently holds position of Director of the Forum and is the life Honorary University Fellow of RMIT University. Prior to it she had been Head of Language Discipline at RMIT for 23 years leading the team that offers ten languages. Through her work she has established broad relationship with over a dozen diplomatic posts, and multilingual, multicultural ethnic communities in Victoria and Australia that include Arabic, Chinese, Chilean, French, Greek, German, Indian, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Spanish, Vietnamese and Ukraine.

 For more than three decades she has been the committee member of various language strategic development and advisory groups under Victoria Department of Education and Training, and holds over a dozen advisory roles in professional, business and community organisations in Victoria, Australia and China.

Over past 30 years she has been delivering speeches at conferences, seminars and major events in Australia and overseas, and receiving interviews by mainstream and community media including ABC, SBS, community radios and TV stations. Her speeches /interviews cover broad topics on politics, global and national security, education, citizenship, health, international affairs, cross-ethnic community collaborations for sustainable Australian multicultural society and woman related matters. She has been the chair and/or member of organisation committees of a number of major local and international cultural and education events that bring together local and international professional groups.

Guosheng gives special attention to younger generation, encouraging them to take challenges, guide them to develop and play leadership capabilities, and help them to achieve their potential. She is the advisor to AABWA and enjoys high reputation amongst local and international communities for having been successfully bringing up a new generation of young leaders to local and global professional areas.

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