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Anna Qiao


Anna Qiao

Yanjun Qiao(AnnaQiao) was born on November 5, 1971. She is 49 years old. She is the general manager of Kunming Merican Energy Saving Technology Co., Ltd.


Anna Qiao has worked in the swimming pool sector for 22 years, in both China and Australia. Her expertise includes research into and dissemination of the latest swimming pool technologies, and management of swimming pool businesses.


She has succeeded in utilising the most advanced technologies for the construction of swimming pools, sourced from Australia, the United States and Europe, in her many Chinese projects.


She has founded the largest franchised swimming pool brand inChina-MericanDaz.




She has also established and is leading the Merican Daz College. This is the first institution in China providing specialised and holistic training for the swimming pool industry.


With more than ten years of living in Australia of Anna Qiao, she has profoundly understood the problems in work, study, and interpersonal relationships brought by differences in culture and living habits of Chinese new immigrants. Therefore, Mrs Qiao established Anna Charity Foundation in order to promote a better and more harmonious life environment for Chinese in Australia.

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